Vision / Mission


Artoday aspires to be a driving force in shaping the global art landscape, with Egyptian artists at the forefront of artistic conversations. The organization aims to establish a lasting legacy that elevates the status of Egyptian art and artists, breaking through cultural barriers and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their work.

Artoday envisions a thriving local art scene in Egypt, with a supportive and inclusive community that encourages artistic exploration, collaboration, and growth. The organization also aims to inspire and empower promising artists, providing them with the necessary resources, opportunities, and mentorship to establish themselves within the local art scene and make a meaningful impact. By breaking down barriers, fostering artistic excellence, and promoting cultural exchange, the organization aims to contribute to a world where art is celebrated as a universal language that transcends boundaries and enriches lives, to unlock the full potential of artists, ignite creativity, and inspire individuals from all walks of life to engage with and be moved by art.




Our mission is to provide a platform for established artists to showcase their remarkable creations, while simultaneously fostering an environment that nurtures new artists and helps them establish themselves within the local art scene. We firmly believe in the potential of every artist, and we are dedicated to unlocking their creativity and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

The target of Artoday is threefold:

  1. Empower Established Artists: Artoday is committed to supporting and empowering established artists in Egypt. This includes organizing exhibitions, art shows, and events that highlight the work of established artists. By providing them with a platform to showcase their art, Artoday aims to amplify their voices, recognize their contributions, and help them reach new audiences both locally and globally. The organization serves as a catalyst for their artistic growth and provides opportunities for them to expand their horizons.
  2. Support Promising Artists and Local Art Scene: Artoday recognizes the importance of nurturing emerging talents and fostering a vibrant local art community. The organization actively works to help new artists enter the local art scene and establish their artistic voice. Through workshops, seminars, mentorship programs, and collaborations with educational institutions and community centers, Artoday provides aspiring artists with the necessary resources, guidance, and exposure to thrive in their artistic endeavors.
  3. Promote Egyptian Modern Art Globally: Artoday is dedicated to taking Egyptian modern art to the global stage. Through participation in carefully curated exhibits and art shows across the world, the organization strives to showcase the rich cultural heritage and contemporary expressions of Egyptian artists to a wider audience. By fostering cross-cultural exchange and appreciation, Artoday aims to create a global dialogue around Egyptian art, promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Egyptian art and culture, and contribute to the international art scene on a larger scale.
  4. Create a Community for International Artists in Egypt: Artoday aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive community for international artists in Egypt. The organization facilitates cultural exchange and dialogue, offering a platform for international artists to connect with their Egyptian counterparts, share ideas, and collaborate on creative projects. Artoday hosts networking events, art forums, and social gatherings to strengthen the bonds between artists from different backgrounds and cultures, creating a supportive and inspiring environment for artistic growth.
  5. Establish a Global Network for Artists: Artoday recognizes the power of connecting artists from various countries and cultures. To facilitate this, the organization establishes a global network that enables artists worldwide to connect and collaborate. Through an online platform and regular virtual events, artists can share their work, engage in discussions, seek collaborations, and exchange knowledge and ideas. Artoday serves as a hub for artists seeking international connections, providing them with a platform to expand their network, gain exposure to diverse artistic perspectives, and foster meaningful collaborations across borders.
  6. Promote Harmonious Collaboration: In all its shows and exhibitions, Artoday ensures the integration of local and international artists in a harmonious environment. By curating diverse exhibitions that feature the works of both local and international artists, the organization promotes cross-cultural understanding, appreciation, and collaboration. Artoday believes in the power of art to transcend boundaries and foster mutual respect and dialogue. The organization encourages artists to learn from each other, explore new artistic approaches, and celebrate the richness of cultural diversity through their creative expressions. By creating a harmonious environment that values and showcases the contributions of artists from different backgrounds, Artoday aims to inspire creativity and promote unity within the global art community.