Art Without Borders (Italy 2017)

Held in Rome’s Spazio Cerere gallery between 12 and 14 August, 2017

Art Without Borders is a group of 21 Egyptian artists, educators, travelers and adventurers from different generations and art schools who aim to exhibit their work internationally for the purpose of overcoming borders and encouraging intercultural dialogue.

“They believe that art is a universal language for intercultural communication between human beings and one of the most effective ways to learn about other cultures,” the organizer, Shereen Badr, states.

The exhibition also touches on themes like globalization and tradition, and how to combine the two.

“The major challenge for the artists is how to reflect the aspirations of the present-day society by incorporating avant-garde Western elements while remaining connected with traditional art heritages of the nation,”. As part of the event, a workshop was held by members of the group on the 13th of August, and renowned Egyptian artist Taher Abdel Azeem gave a masterclass on the 18th of August.